5 Pros And Cons Of Tennis As A Hobby

Sports have a huge role in our lives, and being physically active in general is of vast importance. It is the best way to ease the mind and get rid of stress, but when it comes to picking the best one, the one that suits our skills and talent the most, well, it can be challenging.

Namely, there are so many options to choose from, but regardless of which one you pick, the first thing to realize is that there is no progress without passion, effort, and practice. Yes, and here, we are not talking about being the best athlete and player in some sport, as these three factors are crucial for every person who wants to be competitive.

How to pick the best sport for you

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Most people start with football or basketball, as these two sports are globally popular, and since it is a team sport, it’s much easier to adapt. On the other hand, we have individual sports where all the focus is on you. Now, even though this amount of pressure might seem like too much, these sports also bring much more satisfaction, as for all the good things and all of the success, you are the one responsible for that.

That is one of the biggest reasons why sports like tennis are so great, as here, we can really showcase what we are made of, and it’s also much easier to see which aspects of our game need some extra work and which ones just need a bit of practice or polishing. You only need a racket and that is it, click here to find one that is right for you. So, probably the best and most suitable option is to go with some individual sport as a hobby, and here we will focus on the pros and cons of tennis.


It doesn’t matter which sport we choose to go with, each of them has many benefits, and tennis is not an exception. We will present you with some of the main advantages of choosing this sport, and you can easily make a decision whether tennis is the best option for you or not.

Making new friends

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Some people find new friends at every step, while others are not so good at that, and the great news is that training can be a perfect place to talk to people with the same interests as you. On the other side, it is also a perfect way to improve relationships with old friends if they have the same hobby as you since you can exercise together and spend some quality time doing something you like.

It’s easier to find people to play with

Although tennis is an individual sport and we do not need to ask a lot of friends to play with us like we would if we chose football, for example, it is not possible to practice alone, and we will need at least one person if we want to have a successful training. Because of that, it can be pretty challenging to arrange the training sessions, especially if you have busy friends. But, on the other hand, it is also much easier to find one person that has time than five or more of them, as you would have to in case you want to play basketball or baseball, for example.

Improving overall healt

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Remaining healthy during these busy and fast times can be pretty challenging because of the fact many people do not have enough time to exercise and build healthy habits. Choosing tennis as a hobby can help us with that, and it will have a positive impact on our health and overall being. Firstly, it can help us stay in shape and improve our reflexes because this training can be pretty difficult and requires certain skills. Besides that, it is also perfect for our mental health as exercising lowers stress level and help us feel better.


Every story has two sides, and no matter how many benefits playing tennis has, there are also some disadvantages of this amazing sport, and we need to mention them so you can get the full picture and make the best decision.

The lack of courts

It can sometimes be pretty challenging to find a tennis club and court where you can practice, especially in smaller towns. The reason for that is simple, tennis court construction and maintenance are not that cheap, and if there are not enough players willing to pay their monthly membership fees, the owner will quickly lose a lot of money. However, in the modern times and with the help of the new technologies and methods implemented, tennis court construction doesn’t have to be so expensive. Check more about it on crowall.ca.

It is pretty expensive

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Although it doesn’t seem that expensive because many people think that all they need is a racket and a few balls, the truth is a little different. You will need to pay for many other things, such as a good pair of sneakers, bags to carry the equipment, and a membership fee if you choose tennis as a hobby. None of these items is cheap, and it is necessary to set aside some amount of money if you want to enjoy and get all the benefits that tennis can provide.

The bottom line

These reasons mentioned on the pros and cons list above should give you a much better insight into the benefits and downsides of picking tennis for your hobby. Overall, it is a fast sport, and if you have only watched it on television, we need to clarify that it is much faster and much more demanding than it might seem at first glance.

It is also a reason why tennis is such a great fit for people regardless of how old they are, as it keeps us active and is so fun, which, in the end, is what every sport is all about, especially when we play it as a hobby. Of course, in order to actually get to a point where you can compete with others, you first need to learn the basics, improve your tennis strokes, consistency, and court coverage, which is where tennis lessons can be of great help, and for more info on that, click here and book your tennis lessons right now.

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