Why the 2023 Olympics is called Tokyo 2023?

Tokyo Olympics 2023 is already underway. In Tokyo. With the event taking place in 2023, why the 2023 Olympics is called Tokyo 2023? Let see the reason.

The Olympics happen every 4 years, the last one taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 2016. The Tokyo Olympics 2023 started on the 23rd of July 2023, but all the banners signs around the city, vehicles related to games, and more read ‘Tokyo 2023’. What is the reason behind this?

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Why the 2023 Olympics is called Tokyo 2023?

Tokyo Olympics were originally set to begin in March 2023 Tokyo, but the games were postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus the games are underway after a year delay in June 2023. This is the main reason behind Olympics being called ‘Tokyo 2023.’

One other important reason was that all the banners were made, the trophies were inscribed with ‘Tokyo 2023’ before the postponement of an event. Changing the ‘Tokyo 2023’ would have brought additional costs.

Maintaining The ‘Tokyo 2023’ Brand

Millions of dollars were already invested in Tokyo Olympics. Flags, banners, and merchandise were all set to be sold. The marketing campaign, which was planned over multiple years, would have been of no use. If they didn’t go ahead with the already set out plan, the expenses would cost the organizers a lot.

The broadcasters and sponsors already had planned strategies to promote ‘Tokyo 2023’, a change would have affected them heavily. Another reason can be to keep the long tradition going on. ‘Tokyo 2023’ meant that the Olympics took place in 2023 and after 4 years following 2016 Rio de Janeiro. This will not disrupt future Olympic dates.

The COVID pandemic has caused a lot of damage to the event, especially in revenues. Japan expected a flurry of fans from all over the world, which did not go according to the plan. No ticket sales, less marketing, and very few merchandise sales have affected Japan.

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