PDC World Darts Championship 2024 Schedule, Fixtures, Draw & Format

The 2024-21 PDC World Darts Championship is the 28th edition of the World Championship. The PDC World Darts Championship 2024 schedule is taking place at the Alexandra Palace from 18 December 2024 and end on January 1, 2024. The 2024 PDC World Darts Championship was won by Peter Wright, after beating Michael Van Gerwen (7-3) in the final.

A total of 96 players participate in this much-awaited tournament to lift the glorified World Darts Champion Trophy. The prize pool for the PDC World Darts Championship 2024 is £2,500,000, and the winner takes home prize money of £500,000.

The Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) organizes the PDC World Darts Championship, also known as William Hill World Darts Championship. It is held each year at Alexandra Palace in London between the months of December and January.

PDC World Darts Championship 2024 Schedule

The official fixture table and schedule for Round 1 and Round 2 matches are not yet announced for the 2024 PDC World Darts Championship. The PDC World Darts Championship will commence on December 18 at the Alexandra Palace in London, while the final is scheduled after the new year on January 4 2024.

The PDC will announce the schedule and fixtures by the end of this month on their official site. The favourites for this year’s PDC World Dart Championship is none other than World No.1 and 2019 champion Michael van Gerwen and defending champion Peter Wright.

Looking at previous year patterns and fixture we can guess the schedule for the PDC World Darts Championship 2024.

  • Round 1 – 18 December 2024 – December 25
  • Round 2 – 18 December – December 27
  • Round 3 & Round 4 – 28 December to December 30 
  • Quarter-Finals – January 1
  • Semi-Finals – January 2
  • Final – January 4

Note:- The above dates are not official, they are predicted dates based on previous year championship fixtures.

2020 PDC World Darts Championship Fixtures

Round 1 

Friday, December 13

R1: Jelle Klaasen 3-1 Kevin Burness

R1: Kim Huybrechts 3-2 Geert Nentjes

R1: Luke Humphries 3-1 Devon Petersen

Saturday, December 14

R1: Darius Labanauskas 3-0 Matthew Edgar

R1: Ryan Meikle 1-3 Yuki Yamada

R1: Luke Woodhouse 3-0 Paul Lim

R1: Mark McGeeney 3-1 Matt Campbell

R1: Jamie Hughes 2-3 Zoran Lerchbacher

R1: Raymond van Barneveld 1-3 Darin Young

Sunday, December 15

R1: Kyle Anderson 3-2 Xiaochen Zong

R1: Ross Smith 0-3 Ciaran Teehan

R1: Brendan Dolan 3-0 Nitin Kumar

R1: Arron Monk 0-3 Jose Justicia

R1: Andy Boulton 2-3 Danny Baggish

R1: James Richardson 3-2 Mikuru Suzuki

Monday, December 16

R1: Steve Lennon 2-3 Callan Rydz

R1: William O’Connor 3-0 Marko Kantele

R1: Vincent van der Voort 3-0 Keane Barry

Tuesday, December 17

R1: Ryan Searle 3-2 Robbie King

R1: Cristo Reyes 3-2 Lourence Ilagan

R1: Rowby-John Rodriguez 0-3 Noel Malicdem

R1: Ritchie Edhouse 3-1 Boris Koltsov

R1: Jose De Sousa 0-3 Damon Heta

R1: Ted Evetts 2-3 Fallon Sherrock

Wednesday, December 18

R1: Ron Meulenkamp 3-0 Ben Robb

R1: Mickey Mansell 0-3 Seigo Asada

R1: Harry Ward 3-2 Madars Razma

R1: James Wilson 1-3 Nico Kurz

R1: Josh Payne 3-0 Diogo Portela

R1: Gabriel Clemens 2-3 Benito van de Pas

Thursday, December 19

R1: Justin Pipe 3-2 Benjamin Pratnemer

R1: Ryan Joyce 2-3 Jan Dekker

Round 2 

Friday, December 13

R2: Michael van Gerwen 3-1 Jelle Klaasen

Saturday, December 14

R2: Jermaine Wattimena 2-3 Luke Humphries

R2: Rob Cross 0-3 Kim Huybrechts

Sunday, December 15

R2: Ian White 1-3 Darius Labanauskas

R2: Michael Smith 1-3 Luke Woodhouse

Monday, December 16

R2: Gary Anderson 3-0 Brendan Dolan

Tuesday, December 17

R2: Krzysztof Ratajski 3-1 Zoran Lerchbacher

R2: Jeffrey de Zwaan 3-2 Darin Young

Wednesday, December 18

R2: Stephen Bunting 3-2 Jose Justicia

R2: James Wade 3-0 Ritchie Edhouse

Thursday, December 19

R2: John Henderson 3-0 James Richardson

R2: Steve Beaton 3-1 Kyle Anderson

R2: Chris Dobey 3-2 Ron Meulenkamp

R2: Danny Noppert 2-3 Callan Rydz

R2: Dave Chisnall 3-1 Vincent van der Voort

R2: Gerwyn Price 3-2 William O’Connor

Friday, December 20

R2 Darren Webster 3-0 Yuki Yamada

R2 Mervyn King 3-2 Ciaran Teehan

R2 Jonny Clayton 3-0 Jan Dekker

R2 Ricky Evans 3-1 Mark McGeeney

R2 Nathan Aspinall 3-1 Danny Baggish

R2 Joe Cullen 1-3 Nico Kurz

R2 Max Hopp 3-2 Benito van de Pas

R2 Peter Wright 3-2 Noel Malicdem

Saturday, December 21

R2: Keegan Brown 2-3 Seigo Asada

R2: Simon Whitlock 3-0 Harry Ward

R2: Steve West 0-3 Ryan Searle

R2: Adrian Lewis 3-2 Cristo Reyes

R2: Daryl Gurney 3-0 Justin Pipe

R2: Glen Durrant 3-0 Damon Heta

R2: Mensur Suljovic 1-3 Fallon Sherrock

R2: Dimitri Van den Bergh 3-0 Josh Payne

Round 3

Sunday, December 22

R3: Jonny Clayton 0-4 Stephen Bunting

R3: Darius Labanauskas 4-2 Max Hopp

R3: Nathan Aspinall 4-3 Krzysztof Ratajski

R3: James Wade 2-4 Steve Beaton

R3: Kim Huybrechts 4-2 Danny Noppert

R3: Michael van Gerwen 4-0 Ricky Evans

Monday, December 23

R3: Nico Kurz 2-4 Luke Humphries

R3: Adrian Lewis 4-3 Darren Webster

R3: Luke Woodhouse 2-4 Dimitri Van den Bergh

R3: Dave Chisnall 3-4 Jeffrey De Zwaan

R3: Gary Anderson 4-3 Ryan Searle

R3: Peter Wright 4-2 Seigo Asada

Friday, December 27

R3: Simon Whitlock 4-1 Mervyn King

R3: Daryl Gurney 2-4 Glen Durrant

R3: Fallon Sherrock 2-4 Chris Dobey

R3: Gerwyn Price 4-0 John Henderson

Round 4 

Friday, December 27

R4: Gary Anderson 2-4 Nathan Aspinall

R4: Michael van Gerwen 4-0 Stephen Bunting

Saturday, December 28

R4: Steve Beaton 2-4 Darius Labanauskas

R4: Kim Huybrechts 1-4 Luke Humphries

R4: Dimitri Van den Bergh 4-3 Adrian Lewis

R4: Peter Wright 4-3 Jeffrey de Zwaan

R4: Glen Durrant 4-3 Chris Dobey

R4: Gerwyn Price 4-2 Simon Whitlock


Sunday, December 29

QF: Nathan Aspinall 5-3 Dimitri Van den Bergh

QF: Luke Humphries 3-5 Peter Wright

QF: Michael van Gerwen 5-2 Darius Labanauskas

QF: Glen Durrant 1-5 Gerwyn Price


Monday, December 30 (7 pm)

Peter Wright 6-3 Gerwyn Price

Nathan Aspinall 3-6 Michael van Gerwen


Wednesday, January 1 (8 pm)

Michael van Gerwen 3-7 Peter Wright

Winner – Michael Van Gerwen 

How to watch World Championship Darts 2024

Every match of the World Championship Darts to broadcast live on Sky Sports Darts channel.

Format: World Darts Championship

  • First Round: Best of five sets
  • Second Round: Best of five sets
  • Third Round: Best of seven sets
  • Fourth Round: Best of seven sets
  • Quarter-Final: Best of nine sets
  • Semi-Final: Best of 11 sets
  • Final: Best of 13 sets

Most Titles: PDC World Darts Championship

  • Phil Taylor – 14
  • Gary Anderson – 2
  • John Part – 2
  • Adrian Lewis – 2
  • Michael van Gerwen – 2
  • Rob Cross – 1
  • Dennis Priestly – 1
  • Raymond van Barneveld – 1

Darts has some of the craziest fans and they are waiting for PDC World Darts Championship 2024 schedule to take place to watch their favorite players.

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