Darts Betting Options

Darts was a bar sport for a long time. Although it still has a kind of pub image around it, darts has grown into a really popular sport in recent years. This new image has certainly not been embraced by the whole world. Darts competitions are especially popular in the UK, but despite the fact that darts is a small sport at world level, the tournaments still draw full houses. Check most popular betting and non Gamstop casinos over here.

We can say that the popularity of darts dates back to 1992 when a group of top darts players broke away from the British Darts Organization to form the World Darts Council (PDC) which still exists today. This board organizes many international darts tournaments, which are usually held in December and January. One of the most popular darts leagues is the Premier League, which covers England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland over a five-month period from February through May or June.

There are also a lot of other popular tournaments like World Matchplay, World Grand Prix, UK Open, Grand Slam and Ladbrokes Masters. For those who like to bet on darts, you can get a bet on the outright winner either at the start or during the tournament. There are also plenty of other betting options available including the option to bet while playing.

How to Bet Darts on Sports Betting Sites Without GamStop?

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After you choose a sports betting site without GamStop and open a new account, all you have to do is choose the Darts option from the right panel of the main page. Most likely, you will find three main options: Outright, Competition, and Live Betting.

Clicking on the Outright option will allow you to see the currently available tournaments, and the list of competing players. Most likely, your favorite players are ranked at the top.

With the Competition option you can access betting on matches.

If you want to enjoy live betting, it is best to subscribe to a sports betting site that offers you a live broadcast feature so that you can check the betting odds that fluctuate from one competitor to another throughout the match.

Many Different Betting Options Are Available at Non GamStop Bookmakers

Darters have three arrows on each turn to impress their opponent. A lot can happen in one throw. With a perfect one hundred and eighty, a darter can already hit a big hole if the opponent has a miss. But darts isn’t all about the perfect throw. So it makes sense that there are a lot of different bets to choose from.

Match Winner

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In a darts match it is man against man (or woman against woman). Good play is important, although in the end only one thing matters. Because who will ultimately win the duel? In theory, you have a 50% chance of winning this bet. If you study the players well in advance, the chances of winning can increase.

Number of Sets

Each darts match consists of legs and sets. It differs per match how many legs are needed to win a set. The number of sets required for a winning match also differs. Often it is ‘best of 7’ or ‘best of 9’. It can be very interesting to take the number of legs or sets as a starting point for your bet. How many legs do you think will be played before the winner is announced?

Over/under & Handicap Bet

It is difficult to predict the exact number of sets and the chances of your 180’s prediction coming true are already very slim. That is why you can opt for an over/ under bet at many bookmakers. Do you want to challenge yourself a bit more and immediately benefit from high odds? In that case, you can go for a handicap bet. The question is whether the top favorite will still win if he starts the match with a virtual backlog.

Pre-match & Live Betting on Darts

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For darts enthusiasts, there are many bets to choose from. If you like to take the time to analyze the players and the match calmly, a pre-match bet is the best option for you. In pre-match bets you make your prediction before the match starts. Once the darts players come on stage, you can’t change anything. So one can only hope Michael van Gerwen is well into the game from the first pitch. Otherwise, it could just happen that both he and you lose.

Do you want to feel as much excitement as a darts player on the big stage? And do you dare to make quick decisions when necessary? Who knows, you might go for a live bet. At many bookmakers it is possible to bet live on the larger darts tournaments. You wait for the darters to throw their first dart and from that moment on it’s time to watch the match closely. Do not wait too long with betting, because the bookmakers are also watching. They may simply adjust the odds while the duel is in progress. But that is what makes live betting so exciting. Are you too fast for the bookmakers and are you able to take advantage of those high odds?

Tournament Winner

Darts tournaments often consist of dozens of different duels. Whoever wins the duel advances one round. Winning a match is never the highest goal for darts players. Secretly, they all have their sights set on tournament winnings. For gamblers, this naturally offers plenty of opportunities. At the major tournaments, you can often announce who you think will win weeks in advance. In any case, such an early bet yields good odds. The question is whether you dare to take the risk or whether you would rather wait until the final is in sight.

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