NFL 2023 Season Week 1 schedule, matchups, Start Timings & Dates

When does the NFL season start in 2023? One of the USA’s top four and most followed sports, the National Football League, is back for the new season. 2023 NFL season will be the the102nd season of the league. After delayed 2023 year and 2023, NFL season returned with regular season and here’s NFL 2023 season week 1 schedule, fixtures, timings and matchups.

When does the NFL 2023 season start?

NFL will return to the normal season in the upcoming season after a pandemic affected the 2023 season. NFL 2023 season will see the return of pre-season matches. NFL will have a 17 game season beginning from the upcoming 2023 season. The number of pre-season games has been reduced to 3 games.

The regular 2023 NFL season is scheduled to start from September 9, 2023. Defending champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers will kickstart the season by hosting Dallas Cowboys on 9 September.

  • Date: Thursday, Sept. 9
  • Game:  Buccaneers vs Cowboys
  • Kickoff time: 8:20 p.m. ET

NFL 2023 Season Week 1 Schedule

Thursday, Sept. 9

GameKick-off timeTV channel
Cowboys at Buccaneers8:20 p.m. ETNBC

Sunday, Sept. 12

GameKickoff timeTV channel
Jaguars at Texans1 p.m. ETCBS
Chargers at Washington Football Team1 p.m. ETCBS
Seahawks at Colts1 p.m. ETFox
Jets at Panthers1 p.m. ETCBS
Vikings at Bengals1 p.m. ETFox
Cardinals at Titans1 p.m. ETCBS
49ers at Lions1 p.m. ETFox
Steelers at Bills1 p.m. ETCBS
Eagles at Falcons1 p.m. ETFox
Browns at Chiefs4:25 p.m. ETCBS
Packers at Saints4:25 p.m. ETFox
Broncos at Giants4:25 p.m. ETFox
Dolphins at Patriots4:25 p.m. ETCBS
Bears at Rams8:20 p.m. ETNBC

Monday, Sept. 13

GameKickoff timeTV channel
Ravens at Raiders8:15 p.m. ETESPN

As usual, the upcoming season of the NFL will kick off on a Thursday. NFL will have just one Monday night football game for the first time since 2005. NFL 2023 season will welcome back fans in the stands.

NFL 2023 season TV Broadcast and Live Stream

CBS, ESPN, FOX and NBC will broadcast the NFL season in the USA. Paramount+, Tubi, and Peacock will provide NFL live streaming of the 2023 season.

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