Travel And Snap: Photography Tips For Beginners On The Road

Photography and traveling are a combination most people dream of having. Can you imagine being out in new and unfamiliar places while taking shots that can last a lifetime?

The prospect sounds fantastic as you get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a drive and thousands of shutter clicks.

However, it is not all fun and games, especially if you are doing it for the first time. You might come across an issue or two, or worse.

You might forget your camera and only figure it out halfway across your drive. That is why we have today’s piece.

Here are some photography tips for the humble beginner as you travel.

Before You Go

Anyone can snap the perfect photo. Plus, you do not need a high-end and fancy gadget to do so. You can use your rental camera or a handy smartphone to take amazing shots at

You must decide what item to bring on your trip, and it can be either your camera or your phone. Or you can go all out and bring both. Don’t worry. We won’t judge.

Our Top Tips

Plan First

While it can be tempting to go without one, having a plan can go a long way. Having one secures your route, where you will take shots, and what actions you will take. Planning includes preparing your gear and other items.


Go Light

Speaking of plans, you must carry only the essentials for your trip. Going light is the name of the game.

You do not want to burden yourself with the additional gear for your photography endeavors.

That is unless you are traveling for work purposes.

Bringing the extra equipment, including tripods, batteries, components, and other things, is a must if that is the case.

Going light also means you should bring the appropriate set of clothing and essentials. Again, all of the extra luggage will exhaust you one way or another. Having someone go with you – a friend or family member – will be a pleasant addition. But do make sure they won’t mind carrying stuff as well.

Candid All The Way

One of the numerous joys of traveling and photo-taking is the pleasure of capturing moments in time. You can take all the pictures you want as you head from one place to another.

But you must take primarily candid shots. Forced and scripted ones will not have the same outcome.

Yes, they might look neat and magazine-worthy. But the thing is, the photos dispel the magic of capturing the moment.

We are not saying you skip taking these types of shots altogether. If that is your cup of tea, then by all means, go knock yourself out.


Have Some Backup Ready

Another thing you have to consider is backup for your shots. You can only have enough storage on your SD cards and gadget memory capacity.

You might not realize it, but taking all those shots might consume your free space. That is why backing up will do the trick. You can get away with more images knowing you have extra peripherals that let you save your pics and vids way more.

Backup also means you must make copies of your shots. That way, you still have copies once something happens to the original ones.

Another thing you can do regarding backups is place copies on a cloud server. That way, you do not have to worry about losing them entirely.

You can access the files anytime and anywhere as long as they are on a cloud server. All you need is a decent internet connection.

Be Besties With Your Gadget

Nothing beats the aspect of knowing your camera or phone as you take more and more shots.

You do not have to know all the details that make your gadget work to the minutest detail. But knowing how your camera or phone operates will go a long way.

That means you will know when to take the perfect photo with only several adjustments. You will also know what item to use for specific moments.


The Human Factor

Everyone knows landscape shots make perfect wallpapers and wall prints. You can never go wrong with taking a snapshot of that random flower by the rocks or that scenic mountain top peaking in the fog.

These shots make beautiful images, but you can spice things up by adding the human factor.

Including a person or two in your photo creates a sense of life to the image, and it gives the illusion that a place – regardless of how bleak it is – feels lived in and somewhat alive.

“Weather” You Like It Or Not

A chunk of your plans will go to waste when the weather begins to act up. A sudden storm or snowfall might potentially postpone your activities. Even worse, the weather might halt your plans for good.

You need to keep an eye on the weather as you make the trip. While rain and snow contribute to making atmospheric and dramatic shots, you need to be careful. Unruly weather patterns will mess up your plans one way or another. So once things look bleak, rescheduling your trip might be the best action you can take for now.

Spend More Time

By this aspect, we mean you spend way more time capturing images. The earlier you wake up, the better you can get that glorious sunset. The longer you stay awake during those late nights, the more you can mess around with camera settings to make a neat shot. But you do not have to commit to waking up early and staying up too late. Check whether your body can do so. You do not want to get sick or exhausted midway through your travels.


Good Luck Out There

Not everyone has the liberty and resources to enjoy traveling and taking images since they have other things to handle. So you must savor the moment with friends and family.

Capture the shots that will last a lifetime, and preserve them as much as possible. But a part of the experience cannot work out fine without preparation and careful consideration of all things involved.

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