What Is Statistically the Best Online Casino Game?

Although the time of the pandemic is slowly passing, the popularity of online casinos still holds a high position in searches. It seems that people have become accustomed to playing online games of chance from their favorite armchair and comfortable pajamas, or have found entertainment while traveling to faraway places. However, people started to love the intimacy offered by the online casino and have not given up on it even now, when the doors of all casinos are wide open.

Statistics show that over 60% of people who use the Internet once googled and entered an online casino. You will admit an enviable number. Some users have entered once and maybe never more, while others have created a culture of gambling and have their own time for it and their rituals. Again, statistics show that 2% of those who use the services of online casinos still overdo it and spend most of their days “hanging” on these sites. All players have their tactics and their favorite games. All of this can seem really chaotic to someone new to the world of online casinos. When you type the term “online casino” into the search engine, you will get an endless list of casinos that will send you more or less the same message: I’m the best, choose me. The agony does not end even when one casino is chosen. Players have a new selection of games in front of them, especially if it comes to some better casinos with a long tradition, such as n1casinos. Out of the huge number of games that you may or may not have heard of, how do you choose the best one?

We wanted to find an answer to exactly this question. However, we didn’t want to guess, so we decided to take into account the exact statistics. So, let’s see the results:

1. Slot games

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Although some gamblers will say that when they say casino they only associate tables and cards, nevertheless, the most popular game is the slot. A wider category of betting includes bingo and various lotteries. These games do not require much skill or experience, they are easily available and loved by literally everyone. The development of the mobile internet has made online casinos available anytime, anywhere. These games last quite a short time and new draws are repeated periodically, so, according to the modern age, it is fast and accessible. That seems to be all the modern gambler needs. Without brainstorming and devising a stronger strategy, just choose your favorite numbers or choose a ticket.

Now, most popular doesn’t mean best for players…except in this case. With the increase in the number of players, the jackpots also grow proportionally. So very often huge jackpots are drawn that can change the life of the player very well. So: fast game, great opportunity to win and ever-increasing jackpots. It is completely clear why 49% of those who enter an online casino play this type of game.

2. Sports betting

It is clear to everyone that online sports betting reached its peak during the pandemic when most betting shops were closed. Unfortunately, playing sportsbooks had to go online, and a good part remained even when the bookmakers opened. True, it is much more interesting to follow the results with the team and joke about the missed matches, but the online version has its advantages. Primarily, you can follow as many online bookmakers as possible at the same time and thus follow the odds. And then, you can collect the ticket anywhere, on public transport, at the airport, at dinner with uninteresting colleagues…

In a global market, this is an incredible source of money that does not tend to decrease. Unfortunately, not every country has defined sports betting markets, otherwise, the income from sports betting would be a record. From a player’s point of view, luck is needed, but above all good strategy and knowledge.

3. Unmissable blackjack

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Although it is well known that Blackjack is one of the most popular games in live casinos, the same is true of online games. Wondering why? The matter is quite clear. Although modern casino methods have introduced a few obstacles to increasing their advantage, this game remains one of the best games in online casinos. He gives you the best chance to win. Statistics show that of the total number of people who join online casinos, 20% of them play blackjack. However, if you are new to this, we suggest you study the rules of the house you are playing in as well as the way these casino games work. Only then do you dare to take your place. Very often, casinos place their stakes at the tables to establish their advantage in this way as well.

Since there are many blackjack variations, statistics show that the best can be played in those variants with one deck: Microgaming Vegas, Playtech, or Betsoft.

4. Poker

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Casinos are constantly trying to attract as many players as possible to the newspaper. However, the new games only momentarily caught the attention of experienced gamblers who immediately returned to their greatest love: poker. About 7% of online players connect only to take a table or their place on it. No matter how confident a player is or not, once you fall in love with poker, that love almost always lasts. With the growth of mobile internet, the number of hours spent at the table also increases.

However, the popularity of this game cannot guarantee you a win. A good strategy plays a key role in this, and creating it requires a lot of analysis, reading and reviewing games. That, I guess, is the charm of this game.

The games we have listed are the ones that the statistics guarantee are the best. However, this is too individual a matter. For the game to be good, it must offer a balance between the winnings of the player and the winnings of the house. You must have heard x times that the house always has an advantage, therefore, the best game for a player is the one that he has fully understood and for which he has built a strategy and skills. We always leave a small part to luck, yet in any gambling, uncertainty is what keeps the interest going.

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