10 Latin Music on Billboard in September 2024

At a party, the atmosphere is sizzling if cumbia and reggaeton are being played loudly. Latin music is where it is now because of the contributions of renowned artists like Drake, Bad Bunny, Daddy Yankee, and Luis Fonsi, among others. If you like Latin pop music, there is nothing else you need to look for.

On the chart below, you can find some of the best songs in the Latin pop genre right now.

1. Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello—”Señorita”

Camila Cabello, a singer and songwriter from Cuba, and Sean Mendes, a singer and songwriter from Canada, collaborated in 2019 to create the love duet “Senorita.” Even though it is not entirely in Spanish, it definitely has those Latin feelings.

The lyrics describe a love affair, practically an addiction to love, between two lovers or friends that takes place during the scorching summer in Miami. The words of the song, which state that “You say we’re just friends,” are at odds with the narrative that the song is trying to convey, and it is up to the audience to determine what is going on.

2. Rosalía—”MALAMENTE”

“MALAMENTE” is from “El mal querer,” the second album by the Spanish singer-songwriter Rosalia, which came out in 2018. Rosalia mostly wrote the song, and Pablo Daz-Reixa was in charge of making it (El Guincho). This song is a type of flamenco pop or new flamenco.

Malamente, which means “badly,” is about a relationship that is not healthy. Even though there were a lot of red flags, the narrator stayed in the relationship until they got married. At the 2018 Latin Grammys, “MALAMENTE” was up for five awards, and it won two of them: Best Choice Song and Best Urban Fixation.

3. DJ Snake—”Taki Taki” FT. Selena Gomez, Ozuna, Cardi B

“Taki Taki” was made by DJ Snake, a French DJ, and producer. Selena Gomez, Cardi B, and Ozuna all sing the song. The song is famous because it is one of only ten songs that have been watched 100 million times on YouTube. In 2019, “Taki Taki” was at the top of the music charts in many Latin American countries. People have said that the style mixes Latin, reggaeton, and moombahton (house music and reggaeton fusion). The lyrics are about being seduced. The music video shows a scene after the end of the world.

Some of the lyrics were controversial because they talked about Nagasaki, which has since changed. In many countries, the song was in the top 10 most popular songs.

4. Nicky Jam x J. Balvin—”X” (Equis)

Both J. and Nicky’s Name (in Puerto Rican) “X,” a hybrid of dancehall and reggaeton, pop, and Afrobeat, was sung by the Colombian artist Balvin. The music video for “X” was shot in Miami, and the scenes jump back and forth from a bright lounge to the interior of an airplane. A version written in Spanish and English was made available a month later.

5. Daddy Yankee—”Dura”

Daddy Yankee, a Puerto Rican rapper, put out a song called “Dura.” The video was shot in LA and had a ’90s vibe. Daddy Yankee wrote the song with other artists, including Juan Rivera, Luis Romero, and Urbani Mota. A remix came out in April 2018.

This is a reggaeton song that has both reggae and pop elements. Daddy Yankee told his fans to participate in the #DuraChallenge, which involved dancing to “Dura.” More than 82,000 people did it. “Dura” comes from the word “hard,” but it is another saying that someone looks hot.

6. Pedro Capó—”Calma”

Pedro Capó is from Puerto Rico. He writes songs in addition to being a musician. He began playing the guitar when he was still young and later attended Colegio Calasanz to study the instrument. After some time, “Calma ” was reworked using Farruko. On YouTube, the remixed version has racked up millions of views.

This song paints a romantic picture of the Caribbean, with frolicking in the surf and intimate moments spent with one’s significant other. The lyrics mean, “Let’s go down to the beach/to cure your soul,” and they are translated as such.

7. Bad Bunny—”MIA” feat. Drake

The Puerto Rican artist Bad Bunny is responsible for the song “MIA,” sometimes known as “Mine,” which features the Canadian rapper Drake. This song topped the Billboard Hot 50 chart at number one in the United States.

Also, it topped the charts in several other countries, including Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Greece, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland, Venezuela, Sweden, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom. The fact that Drake sings the entire song in Spanish sets it apart from his other work. This song is about a love that will never die for a particular woman. These lines are translated as follows: “Tell them that you are mine, my; you know that you are mine, mine; you stated it yourself.”

8. Sebastián Yatra, Reik—”Un Año”

The song “Time and Distance” is the pinnacle of all love songs, and Sebastián Yatra and Reik wrote it. It speaks of a love that weathers the changing of the seasons and remains constant throughout the years.

Many migrants from Venezuela took a sentimental interest in the song because they felt that “Un Ao” captured the anguish of being apart from one’s family. “I only think, I only think about you,” is one of my favorite lines from the song.

9. Luis Fonsi—”Despacito” ft. Daddy Yankee

“Despacito” Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee not only one of the most popular songs of the summer of 2018, but it has also gotten over six billion views on YouTube. Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi are both from Puerto Rico. The music video was shot in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, at a place called La Perla.

People said that the song brought Latin pop back into the mainstream. Reggaeton is used to emphasize the song’s steamy lyrics about closeness and romance. Later, Universal Latin said that Justin Bieber could remix and record “Despacito.”


Ozuna is a singer from Puerto Rico who sings reggaeton and Latin trap music. He has worked with Bad Bunny, Daddy Yankee, Romeo Santo, Reik, and Natti Natasha, among other artists. His videos are brightly colored, interesting, and have complicated dance moves.

He has a lot of YouTube videos that have been watched over a billion times. His father was a dance music dancer for Vico C, and he was shot once Ozuna was just three years old. Ozuna is able to marry Taina Meléndez.


The Latin chart consistently lists dance floor fillers that have made their way into popular cultures, such as “Despacito,” “Mi Gente,” “Macarena,” “Suavemente,” and “Danza Kuduro.” Therefore, our list encompasses a wide range of tones, feelings, and applications.

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The time has come to get your groove on, select a dance partner, and start moving!

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