La Liga 2022-21 Schedule in Indian Time

Spanish La Liga 2022-21 Schedule in IST: Here are the Indian Time Fixtures, Time Table, Match Timings and La Liga 2022 Live Telecast TV Channels in India.

The La Liga Laliga 2022-21 season kicked off on September 12 at Santiago Bernabéu and set to be played till 31 January 2022. All the Laliga 2022/21 matches are scheduled to begin at 12:30 AM IST (Indian Standard Time). All the La Liga games will be streamed live on Facebook in India and its Sub-Continent. Here’s La Liga 2022-21 schedule in IST (India Time Fixtures) and What are the Laliga live telecast TV channels.

This tournament is played in the double round-robin format. Each club plays against each of the other clubs twice, once at home and once away. The teams are ranked according to the points that they get for winning, losing or drawing a match.

At the end of the season, the team which is at the top of the points table has crowned the Champion.

La Liga 2022-21 Schedule in IST (Indian Time)

La Liga 2022-21 Schedule in IST (Indian Time)

Here’s the Laliga 20-21 schedule released that tells about the El Clasico game between Barcelona and Real Madrid and Madrid derbies.

El Clásicos 2022-21 Match Schedule:

  • Barcelona – Real Madrid: 25 October 2020
  • Real Madrid – Barcelona: 11 April 2021

Madrid 2020-21 Match Schedule:

  • Real Madrid vs Atlético Madrid: 13 December 2022
  • Atlético Madrid – Real Madrid: 7 March 2022
DateFixtureTV channel
18 Sep 2022Getafe vs OsasunaSPOTV
19 Sep 2022Villareal vs EibarbeIN Sports
19 Sep 2022Celta Vigo ValenciaDAZN
20 Sep 2022SD Huesca vs CadizQazsport
20 Sep 2022Levante vs Atletico MadridFacebook (La Liga)
20 Sep 2022Sevilla vs ElchebeIN Sports
20 Sep 2022Granda vs AlavesTele Rebelde
20 Sep 2022Real Sociedad vs Real MadridAzam TV
21 Sep 2022Real Betis vs Real ValladolidCanal+
27 Sep 2022Alaves v GetafeESPN
27 Sep 2022Atletico Madrid v GranadaSky Sports
27 Sep 2022Barcelona v VillarrealLa Liga TV
27 Sep 2022Real Betis v Real MadridSPOTV
27 Sep 2022Eibar v Athletic BilbaobeIN Sports
27 Sep 2022Cadiz v SevillaDAZN
27 Sep 2022Osasuna v LevanteQazsport
27 Sep 2022Valencia v HuescaFacebook (La Liga)
27 Sep 2022Real Valladolid v Celtia VIgobeIN Sports
27 Sep 2022Elche v Real SociedadTele Rebelde
30 Sep 2022Athletic Bilbao v CadizAzam TV
30 Sep 2022Celta Vigo v BarcelonaCanal+
30 Sep 2022Eibar v ElcheESPN
30 Sep 2022Getafe v Real BetisSky Sports
30 Sep 2022Granada v OsasunaLa Liga TV
30 Sep 2022Huesca v Atletico MadridSPOTV
30 Sep 2022Real Madrid v Real ValladolidbeIN Sports
30 Sep 2022Real Sociedad v ValenciaDAZN
30 Sep 2022Sevilla v LevanteQazsport
30 Sep 2022Villarreal v AlavesFacebook (La Liga)
October 2022 Match Schedule
4 Oct 2022Alaves v Athletic BilbaoSPOTV
4 Oct 2022Atletico Madrid v VillarrealbeIN Sports
4 Oct 2022Barcelona v SevillaDAZN
4 Oct 2022Cadiz v GranadaQazsport
4 Oct 2022Levante v Real MadridFacebook (La Liga)
4 Oct 2022Osasuna v Celtia VigobeIN Sports
4 Oct 2022Real Sociedad v GetafeTele Rebelde
4 Oct 2022Valencia v Real BetisAzam TV
4 Oct 2022Real Valladolid v EibarCanal+
4 Oct 2022Elche v HuescaESPN
18 Oct 2022Alaves v ElcheSky Sports
18 Oct 2022Athletic Bilbao v LevanteLa Liga TV
18 Oct 2022Real Betis v Real SociedadSPOTV
18 Oct 2022Celta Vigo v Atletico MadridbeIN Sports
18 Oct 2022Eibar v OsasunaDAZN
18 Oct 2022Getafe v BarcelonaQazsport
18 Oct 2022Granada v SevillaFacebook (La Liga)
18 Oct 2022Huesca v Real ValladolidbeIN Sports
18 Oct 2022Real Madrid v CadizTele Rebelde
18 Oct 2022Villarreal v ValenciaAzam TV
25 Oct 2022Athletic Madrid v Real BetisCanal+
25 Oct 2022Barcelona v Real MadridESPN
25 Oct 2022Getafe v GranadaSky Sports
25 Oct 2022Cadiz v VillarrealLa Liga TV
25 Oct 2022Levante v Celta VigoSPOTV
25 Oct 2022Osasuna v Athletic BilbaobeIN Sports
25 Oct 2022Real Sociedad v HuescaDAZN
25 Oct 2022Sevilla v EibarQazsport
25 Oct 2022Real Valladolid v AlavesFacebook (La Liga)
25 Oct 2022Elche v ValenciabeIN Sports
November 2022 Matches Dates
1 Nov 2022Alaves v BarcelonaSPOTV
1 Nov 2022Athletic Bilbao v SevillabeIN Sports
1 Nov 2022Real Betis v ElcheDAZN
1 Nov 2022Celta Vigo v Real SociedadQazsport
1 Nov 2022Eibar v CadizFacebook (La Liga)
1 Nov 2022Granada v LevantebeIN Sports
1 Nov 2022Osasuna v Atletico MadridTele Rebelde
1 Nov 2022Real Madrid v HuescaAzam TV
1 Nov 2022Valencia v GetafeCanal+
1 Nov 2022Villarreal v Real ValladolidESPN
8 Nov 2022Atletico Madrid v CadizSky Sports
8 Nov 2022Barcelona v Real BetisLa Liga TV
8 Nov 2022Getafe v VillarrealSPOTV
8 Nov 2022Huesca v EibarbeIN Sports
8 Nov 2022Levante v AlavesDAZN
8 Nov 2022Real Sociead v GranadaQazsport
8 Nov 2022Sevilla v OsasunaFacebook (La Liga)
8 Nov 2022Valencia v Real MadridbeIN Sports
8 Nov 2022Real Valladolid v. Athletic BilbaoTele Rebelde
8 Nov 2022Elche v Celta VigoAzam TV
22 Nov 2022Alaves v ValenciaCanal+
22 Nov 2022Athletic Bilbao v Real BetisESPN
22 Nov 2022Atletico Madrid v BarcelonaSky Sports
22 Nov 2022Eibar v GetafeLa Liga TV
22 Nov 2022Cadiz v Real SociedadSPOTV
22 Nov 2022Granada v Real ValladolidbeIN Sports
22 Nov 2022Levante v ElcheDAZN
22 Nov 2022Osasuna v HuescaQazsport
22 Nov 2022Sevilla v Celta VigoFacebook (La Liga)
22 Nov 2022Villarreal v Real MadridbeIN Sports
29 Nov 2022Barcelona v OsasunaTele Rebelde
29 Nov 2022Real Betis v EibarAzam TV
29 Nov 2022Celta Vigo v GranadaCanal+
29 Nov 2022Getafe v Athletic BilbaoESPN
29 Nov 2022Huesca v SevillaSky Sports
29 Nov 2022Real Madrid v AlavesLa Liga TV
29 Nov 2022Real Sociedad v VillarrealSPOTV
29 Nov 2022Valencia v Atletico MadridbeIN Sports
29 Nov 2022Real Valladolid v LevanteDAZN
29 Nov 2022Elche v CadizQazsport
Spanish LA Liga December 2022 Matches
6 Dec 2022Alaves v Real SociedadSPOTV
6 Dec 2022Athletic Bilbao v Celta VigobeIN Sports
6 Dec 2022Atletico Madrid v Real ValladolidDAZN
6 Dec 2022Eibar v ValenciaQazsport
6 Dec 2022Cadiz v BarcelonaSPOTV
6 Dec 2022Granada v HuescabeIN Sports
6 Dec 2022Levante v GetafeDAZN
6 Dec 2022Osasuna v Real BetisQazsport
6 Dec 2022Sevilla v Real MadridFacebook (La Liga)
6 Dec 2022Villarreal v ElchebeIN Sports
13 Dec 2022Barcelona v LevanteTele Rebelde
13 Dec 2022Real Betis v VillarrealAzam TV
13 Dec 2022Celta Vigo v CadizCanal+
13 Dec 2022Getafe v SevillaESPN
13 Dec 2022Huesca v AlavesSky Sports
13 Dec 2022Real Madrid v Atletico MadridLa Liga TV
13 Dec 2022Real Sociedad v EibarSPOTV
13 Dec 2022Valencia v Athletic BilbaobeIN Sports
13 Dec 2022Real Valladolid v OsasunaDAZN
13 Dec 2022Elche v GranadaQazsport
20 Dec 2022Athletic Bilbao v HuescaFacebook (La Liga)
20 Dec 2022Atletico Madrid v ElchebeIN Sports
20 Dec 2022Barcelona v ValenciaTele Rebelde
20 Dec 2022Celta Vigo v AlavesAzam TV
20 Dec 2022Eibar v Real MadridCanal+
20 Dec 2022Cadiz v GetafeESPN
20 Dec 2022Granada v Real BetisSky Sports
20 Dec 2022Levante v Real SociedadLa Liga TV
20 Dec 2022Osasuna v VillarrealSPOTV
20 Dec 2022Sevilla v Real ValladolidbeIN Sports
23 Dec 2022Alaves v EibarDAZN
23 Dec 2022Real Betis v CadizQazsport
23 Dec 2022Getafe v CeltaFacebook (La Liga)
23 Dec 2022Huesca v LevantebeIN Sports
23 Dec 2022Real Madrid v GranadaTele Rebelde
23 Dec 2022Real Sociedad v Atletico MadridAzam TV
23 Dec 2022Valencia v SevillaCanal+
23 Dec 2022Real Valladolid v BarcelonaESPN
23 Dec 2022Villarreal v Athletic BilbaoSky Sports
23 Dec 2022Elche v OsasunaLa Liga TV
30 Dec 2022Athletic Bilbao v Real SociedadSPOTV
30 Dec 2022Atletico Madrid v GetafebeIN Sports
30 Dec 2022Barcelona v EibarDAZN
30 Dec 2022Celta Vigo v HuescaQazsport
30 Dec 2022Cadiz v Real ValladolidFacebook (La Liga)
30 Dec 2022Granada v ValenciabeIN Sports
30 Dec 2022Levante v Real BetisTele Rebelde
30 Dec 2022Osasuna v AlavesAzam TV
30 Dec 2022Sevilla v VillarrealCanal+
30 Dec 2022Elche v Real MadridESPN
2021 January La Liga Fixtures
3rd Jan 2022Alaves v Atletico MadridSPOTV
3rd Jan 2022Athletic Bilbao v ElchebeIN Sports
3rd Jan 2022Real Betis v SevillaDAZN
3rd Jan 2022Eibar v GranadaQazsport
3rd Jan 2022Getafe v Real ValladolidFacebook (La Liga)
3rd Jan 2022Huesca v BarcelonabeIN Sports
3rd Jan 2022Real Madrid v Celta VigoTele Rebelde
3rd Jan 2022Real Sociedad v OsasunaAzam TV
3rd Jan 2022Valencia v CadizCanal+
3rd Jan 2022Villarreal v LevanteESPN
10 Jan 20221Atletico Madrid v Athletic BilbaoSky Sports
10 Jan 20221Celta Vigo v VillarrealLa Liga TV
10 Jan 20221Cadiz v AlavesSPOTV
10 Jan 20221Granada v BarcelonabeIN Sports
10 Jan 20221Huesca v Real BetisDAZN
10 Jan 20221Levante v EibarQazsport
10 Jan 20221Osasuna v Real MadridFacebook (La Liga)
10 Jan 20221Sevilla v Real SociedadbeIN Sports
10 Jan 20221Real Valladolid v ValenciaTele Rebelde
10 Jan 20221Elche v GetafeAzam TV
20 Jan 2022Alaves v SevillaCanal+
20 Jan 2022Barcelona v Real SociedadESPN
20 Jan 2022Real Betis v Celta VigoSky Sports
20 Jan 2022Eibar v AtleticoLa Liga TV
20 Jan 2022Getafe v HuescaSPOTV
20 Jan 2022Cadiz v LevantebeIN Sports
20 Jan 2022Real Madrid v Athletic BilbaoDAZN
20 Jan 2022Valencia v OsasunaQazsport
20 Jan 2022Real Valladolid v ElcheFacebook (La Liga)
20 Jan 2022Villarreal v GranadabeIN Sports
24 Jan 2022Alaves v Real MadridTele Rebelde
24 Jan 2022Athletic Bilbao v GetafeAzam TV
24 Jan 2022Atletico Madrid v ValenciaCanal+
24 Jan 2022Celta Vigo v EibarESPN
24 Jan 2022Huesca v VillarrealSky Sports
24 Jan 2022Levante v Real ValladolidLa Liga TV
24 Jan 2022Osasuna v GranadaSPOTV
24 Jan 2022Real Sociedad v Real BetisbeIN Sports
24 Jan 2022Sevilla v CadizDAZN
24 Jan 2022Elche v BarcelonaQazsport
31 Jan 2022Barcelona v Athletic BilbaoFacebook (La Liga)
31 Jan 2022Real Betis v OsasunabeIN Sports
31 Jan 2022Eibar v SevillaTele Rebelde
31 Jan 2022Getafe v AlavesAzam TV
31 Jan 2022Cadiz v Atletico MadridCanal+
31 Jan 2022Granada v Celta VigoESPN
31 Jan 2022Real Madrid v LevanteSky Sports
31 Jan 2022Valencia v ElcheLa Liga TV
31 Jan 2022Real Valladolid v Real SocieadSPOTV

Spanish La Liga 2022/21 Teams

The 20 teams who are are playing Laliga 2022-2021 season are :

  1. Ath. Bilbao
  2. Atletico Madrid
  3. Barcelona
  4. Celta Vigo
  5. Alaves
  6. Eibar
  7. Espanyol
  8. Getafe CF
  9. Granada
  10. Leganes
  11. Levante
  12. RCD Mallorca
  13. Osasuna
  14. Real Betis
  15. Real Madrid
  16. Real Sociedad
  17. Valladolid
  18. Sevilla
  19. Valencia
  20. Villarreal

Out of these 20 teams, 17 of them are from the last season and the other 3 have been promoted from the Secunda Division.

LaLiga 2022-21 Live Telecast TV Channel

Sony Pictures Networks India (SPN) to telecast some of the Spanish football league, La Liga 2022-21 matches live in India on TV. Watch all the games including the El Clasico match between rivals FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid and Madrid Derby between Atlético Madrid vs  Real Madrid live streaming online on Facebook in India.

Well, that wraps up for the LaLiga 2022-21 schedule. We’ll update the Laliga 2022/21 schedule in IST (Indian Time) very soon.

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