Interesting Facts about the FIFA World Cup 2024

Qatar is all set to host the FIFA world cup 2024. This oil-rich country has left no stone unturned to make this event historic. Since this is the first FIFA world cup that is going to be hosted by any Middle Eastern country, everyone is getting anxious regarding the preparation. Qatar is going to host the most iconic month-long carnival with the tournament starting in the winter of 2024.

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The current FIFA world cup 2024 is going to specialize in many angles. There are plenty of reasons that make this world cup unique and quite different from the previous events. Some of the interesting facts about the FIFA world cup 2024 have been mentioned here.

First Winter FIFA World Cup in the Northern Hemisphere


The first thing about the FIFA world cup 2024 is that this mega event will be the first winter world cup that is going to be played in the Northern Hemisphere. Most of the time, the world cup usually took place in the summer season mainly in the southern hemisphere because this region mainly experiences the winter during the summer seasons.

Qatar, on the other hand, is located in the Middle East, and this nation experiences extreme heat which can reach up to 50 degree Celsius most of the time. Under such extreme conditions, hosting any type of world cup event is almost impossible. This is the reason FIFA officials decided to move the usual summer slot to winter specifically to adhere to the climate condition of Qatar. This move made this event the first winter world cup in the Northern Hemisphere.

The interesting fact is that the world cup starts in November 2024 and is scheduled to end on December 18, 2024. The entire event falls in winter which will save the players and the fans from extreme heat.

Most Expensive FIFA World Cup Ever

Apart from region and climate, the second big thing is that the FIFA world cup 2024 will be the most expensive football world cup. Oil-rich country Qatar opened up its treasure to make the event spectacular and memorable. According to estimation, Qatar spends a whopping 200 billion US dollars only on infrastructure. It includes the construction of new stadiums, renovation of the old stadium, transportation, hotels, and many more. Due to this reason, this world cup is going to be the most expensive world cup in history beating the previous world cup.

Minimum Number of Stadiums to Host the World Cup


Another interesting fact that makes this current FIFA world cup special is that this game is going to be played in the least number of stadiums. There are only eight stadiums being prepared to host all matches of the FIFA world cup 2024. This is the lowest number of venues for the FIFA world cup in recent years. The most interesting fact is that out of these eight stadiums seven are brand new and constructed out of scratch while only one old stadium has been renovated which is a complete record in recent events.

In the year 1978, Argentina was the country that hosted the FIFA world cup with six stadiums which were two stadiums less than Qatar. This last number of stadiums increases the anxiety of soccer fans around the world.

Maximum Number of Visitors

Another interesting fact about the FIFA world cup 2024 is that the organizers expect a maximum number of visitors to arrive to watch the matches. According to them, Qatar is going to receive a record number of visitors by the time the tournament ends.

Since there are a number of reasons behind this record number of visitors according to experts, Qatar is one of the most powerful countries in the Middle East, is located right in the center of the world, and is close to a number of countries. This is one of the most fabulous countries where people prefer to arrive. Generally, it receives thousands of people from different countries for vacation and once the 2024 world cup kicks off; it will witness a surge of spectators which will break the previous record.

Easy and Soothing Transportation to Move between Cities


Qatar has increased communication especially to accommodate a large number of people. There will be no glitches during the communication between the cities in Qatar. Since this world cup is going to attract a record number of visitors from different parts of the world to Qatar, they have to commute from one city to another, and eyeing this requirement, the Qatari authorities have invested heavily in the infrastructure and made it world-class to accommodate the football fans around the world.

Qatar is small in size and traveling from one place to another is not a big issue. A number of cities are going to host the matches. They include Doha, Al Wakrah, Lusail, and Al Rayyan. Most of these cities are located closer to each other and moving around these cities will not be a problem. High-tech buses and a high-speed rail network are going to serve the football fans who are eagerly waiting to come to Qatar and enjoy the event.

Cheap Alcohol in the Fan Zone

Qatar is all set to make the FIFA world cup 2024 a huge success and this is why it has made the fan zones more enjoyable that can cater to appropriate options to enjoy the event. Qatar is all set to make alcohol available in the fan zones for soccer fans. Since the stadium is not going to serve alcohol to the fans but Qatar has allowed serving that in the fan zones which will satisfy the football fans.

The Qatar authorities are planning to set up fan zones across the country and these points will serve alcohol at a cheap price to the fans who have arrived to watch football matches. The concept of these fan zones is that fans can enjoy the live-action of the matches while sipping their favorite alcohol.


The date of the FIFA world cup 2024 is getting nearer. These are the most interesting facts associated with this world cup that can attract maximum people from different parts of the world.

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