Europa League Prize Money 2024-22: How Much Money Do Winners Get?

UEFA Europa League 2024/21 this year commenced on 22 October 2024, is currently in the Round of 16 stages. UEFA Europa League is the second tier of the UEFA Champions League. The Europa League prize money is distributed based on tournament participation, results and final status.

The winners of the Europa league get the silver trophy along with a spot at the UEFA Supercup Final and also qualify for the next year’s champions league group stage irrespective of their domestic league position. 

The prize money of the Europa League is not as big as compared to the UEFA Champions League but is still quite heavy. As Covid19 has forced clubs to hold matches behind closed doors, these prize money distributions are very essential for these club’s income.

UEFA Europa League Prize Money Breakdown 2024-22

The UEFA Europa League winner receives €8,500,000 or more while the runner-up team will get €4,500,000. Last year Sevilla won the Europa League for the record 6th time, Sevilla defeated Inter Milan 3-2 in the Final. 

Qualified for Tournament: € 220,000 (All 48+8 Teams)

Group Stage

  • Group Winners – € 1,000,000
  • Group Runners-up – € 500,000
  • Per Win – € 570,000
  • Per Draw – € 190,000

Round of 32: € 500,000 (32 teams)

Round of 16: € 1,100,000 (16 Teams)

Quarter-Finals: € 1,500,000 (8 Teams)

Semi-Finals: € 2,400,000 (4 teams)

Runner-up: € 4,500,000

Winners: € 8,500,000

Total Prize Money of Europa League: €500.8 million

How much will each team earn in UEFA Europa League?

Each team that makes it to the UEFA Europa League 2024 group stage will earn €2.92 million. Teams in the group stage will win €570,000 per match victory and €190,000 per match drawn. The group Winners will receive a bonus of € 1,000,000 while the Group Runners-up will receive € 500,000. 

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How much money do the Europa League 2024-21 winners get?

The UEFA Europa league 2024/21 champions could make more than €13 million to €15 million based on their match performances and share of the matches they win.  

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