England vs Italy Head to Head Records and Euro 2024 Final Prediction

England and Italy will take on each other in their 28th meeting in the Euro 2024 final, let’s see England vs Italy complete head to head stats to predict the winner.

Euro 2024 Final is all set to take place tonight between England vs Italy in the penultimate fixture of the tournament. Wembley Stadium in London is hosting the Euro 2024 Final on Sunday, 11 July 2024. Who will win the Euro 2024 final game? Both are football giants, but what their H2H stats talks? Let find out.

This is not the first time that these two sides are facing each other in an international fixture. Ahead of the big final, let’s look at the head to head record of the two Euro 2024 finalists, England and Italy.

England vs Italy Head to Head Records

England and Italy have previously met 27 times, and the Euro 2024 final will be the 28th meeting of these two sides.

Italy has the edge over England in head to head records as the Azzurri have won 11 matches while England has won 8 and eight matches have ended in a draw.

13 May 1933Italy v England1-1International Friendly
14 Nov 1934England v Italy3-2International Friendly
13 May 1939Italy v England2-2International Friendly
16 May 1948Italy v England0-4International Friendly
30 Nov 1949England v Italy2-0International Friendly
18 May 1952Italy v England1-1International Friendly
06 May 1959England v Italy2-2International Friendly
24 May 1961Italy v England2-3International Friendly
14 Jun 1973Italy v England2-0International Friendly
14 Nov 1973England v Italy0-1International Friendly
28 May 1976England v Italy3-2Bi-Centenary
17 Nov 1976Italy v England2-0FIFA World Cup
16 Nov 1977England v Italy2-0FIFA World Cup
15 Jun 1980Italy v England1-0UEFA European Championship
06 Jun 1985Italy v England2-1City Tournament
15 Nov 1989England v Italy0-0International Friendly
07 Jul 1990Italy v England2-1FIFA World Cup
12 Feb 1997England v Italy0-1FIFA World Cup
04 Jun 1997Italy v England0-2Tournoi de France
11 Oct 1997Italy v England0-0FIFA World Cup
15 Nov 2000Italy v England1-0International Friendly
27 Mar 2002England v Italy1-2International Friendly
24 Jun 2012England v Italy0-0UEFA European Championship
15 Aug 2012England v Italy2-1International Friendly
14 Jun 2014England v Italy1-2FIFA World Cup
31 Mar 2015Italy v England1-1International Friendly
27 Mar 2018England v Italy1-1International Friendly

England and Italy faced each other for the first time in 1933. The friendly match ended in a 1-1 draw.

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Since then, the two sides have locked heads at various competitions, including the World Cup and European championship.

The most recent meeting of Italy vs England was a friendly match in March 2018. The match ended in a 1-1 draw.

Euro 2024 Final Prediction: Who will win, England or Italy?

Considering the great form of Italy and England in the Euro 2024, it is hard to predict the winner. The match is most likely to reach extra time after a 1-1 draw in the regular 90 minutes, with Italy lifting the trophy.

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