UEFA Champions League 2022-22: Draw Dates, Fixture, Schedule and Teams

UEFA Champions League 2022-22 Schedule, Key Dates, Teams and Fixtures for Group Stage

The UEFA Champions League is one of the biggest sporting event in the world and the biggest club football tournament in Europe. Champions league features the best teams across Europe. The champions league will be back into action for the 2022-22 season with the qualifying rounds. The group stage draw is scheduled to be held on 26 August 2022. Here’s the UEFA Champions League 2022-22 draw dates, schedule, fixtures and group stage teams.

When will the Champions League 2022-22 draw take place?

The 2022/22 season of the Champions League will be the 67th season of Europe’s premier football tournament. The 30th season since it was renamed to Champions league commences in the month of September.

The first match of the Champions League 2022-22 group stages will be played on 14 September 2022. The final will be played on May 28, 2022.

The Champions League 2022-22 draw will be release on the UEFA’s official website.

Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg, will host the 2022/22 UEFA Champions League final. All matches except the final will be played on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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UEFA Champions League 2022/22 Schedule

UEFA Champions League Draw 2022-22 Key Dates for Fixtures

  • The qualification rounds of Champions League 2022/22 will be held from 22 June to 25 August 2022.
  • UEFA Super Cup will be held on 11 August 2022. Champions League winner Chelsea will face Europa league winner Villareal.
  • Group Stage draw for Champions League 2022-22 will be held on 26 August 2022.
  • Champions League 2022-22 Round Of 16 draws will take place on 13 December 2022.
  • Champions League 2022-22 draws for the knockout stage will be held on 18 March 2022.

Champions League 2022-22 Schedule



Draw date

First leg

Second leg


Preliminary round

8 June 2022

22 June 2022 (semi-finals)

25 June 2022 (final)

First qualifying round

15 June 2022

6–7 July 2022

13–14 July 2022

Second qualifying round

16 June 2022

20–21 July 2022

27–28 July 2022

Third qualifying round

19 July 2022

3–4 August 2022

10 August 2022


2 August 2022

17–18 August 2022

24–25 August 2022

Group stage

Matchday 1

26 August 2022

14–15 September 2022

Matchday 2

28–29 September 2022

Matchday 3

19–20 October 2022

Matchday 4

2–3 November 2022

Matchday 5

23–24 November 2022

Matchday 6

7–8 December 2022

Knockout phase

Round of 16

13 December 2022

15–16 & 22–23 February 2022

8–9 & 15–16 March 2022


18 March 2022

5–6 April 2022

12–13 April 2022


26–27 April 2022

3–4 May 2022


28 May 2022 at Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg

UEFA Champions League 2022-22 Teams

UEFA Champions League features the best teams across Europe. Chelsea is the defending champion of the Champions League. The initial qualification round will feature 80 teams from 54 association.

The main stages of the Champions League will feature 32 teams. Here are the teams who have directly qualified to the 2022/22 Champions League group stage currently.

UCL 2022/22 Teams
Atlético Madrid
Real Madrid
Manchester City
Manchester United
Bayern Munich
RB Leipzig
Borussia Dortmund
VfL Wolfsburg
Inter Milan
Paris Saint-Germain
Sporting CP
Zenit Saint Petersburg
Club Brugge
Dynamo Kyiv
  • 24 Teams have achieved qualification right now. 6 more teams will join them to make 32 teams.
  •  Therefore, 32 teams will contest in the 2022/22 UEFA Champions League.
  • Villareal will feature in the tournament as Europa League Champions.

Brace yourselves as another exciting season of Europe’s premier club football competition is around the corner!

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