How Do You Win Consistently In Fantasy Cricket – 2024 Guide

The craze for cricket is already high, and it keeps on growing. Many cricket enthusiasts, especially children and teenagers, often play cricket during their free time, PT period, and holidays. Even office workers plan a friendly match between colleagues during weekends.

Sometimes, it might not be possible to visit the ground and play physically. Due to that, several individuals are turning to virtual cricket games to play matches. Fantasy cricket is one such online game that allows the user to make a virtual group from a collection of cricketers and get points based on their performances in the game.

10 Best Tips To Win Fantasy Cricket Consistently Like A Pro

Here we have listed some of the essential tips that can help you get consistent wins in Fantasy cricket and play it like a pro.

1. Selecting The Right Team Combination


You must select a minimum of one player from each of the four categories: Batsmen, Bowlers, WKs, and Fielders, to create the ideal team. You can buy any player who bats first as the top-order batsman. To win the most points possible from their all-around performances, it is essential to select all-rounders who will go for batting in the first four positions.

Obtain wicket-keepers that can score points through wicket keeping and are renowned for their batting skills as well. Constantly strive to save budget for the all-around players your squad needs since having more all-rounders makes it even better. They constantly bat while also bowling their allotted number of overs.

2. Check Player Performance

Checking a player’s recent performance in tournaments is the one primary thing you should do. Make sure not to choose a player only because he was effective at some time. As your pay will be based on how well you do in a single match, the latest form and performance of the players are more important than their career record. If you are deciding on a team for a long league, choose high-class players since they will probably serve better over the long haul.

3. Understand The Pitch And Weather Conditions

The outcome of a game is significantly influenced by the pitch, and during a game, the pitch behavior regularly alters. But, it is better to develop a reasonable understanding before starting the match. You can decide whether you should obtain the best performing players by determining whether the pitch has a high or low scoring potential. It would be best if you kept in mind how much the ball is spinning or swinging. In addition, before the match starts, you must be aware of the current weather conditions.

4. Be Cautious While Choosing Captain And Vice-captain


A vice-captain and captain are essential to the success of your squad. So, the choice of the captain and vice-captain is crucial to the result of the game as they determine whether you will win or not. You will receive 2X points from your team’s captain and 1.5X points from the vice-captain.

5. Pay Attention To Players With Bonus Points

You should be aware that you can receive points if your chosen player takes a catch or scores a boundary at some point throughout the game. Following players who are in the proper position in the field may increase the possibility for additional points depending entirely on catches, direct wickets, and run-outs. You can play the matches in different formats, including tests, ODI, and T20, on the My11Circle platform.

6. Consider The Price

You can find players whose prices are more expensive compared to usual but fall short of the expectations placed on them. You can spot a few newcomers who are playing well if you watch the games. It is better to obtain them to increase your odds of receiving monetary prizes and to maintain an excellent balance for the team.

7. Stay Up-to-date With The Announcements Related To Teams And Players


The latest player injury information is crucial for helping you choose the best starting eleven. In addition, if a player’s place in the batting order changes, you must know about it because selecting your team’s top-order batters is the main feature of getting a win. The ideal top-order batters should make about 60% of your fantasy eleven. Keep an eye out for any news the teams may release. Be careful of the alterations because even the substitute of a trainer affects the squad’s starting eleven.

8. Change The Player List And The Order As Per The Toss

Since there is only a little window to complete any last-moment adjustments in accordance with the toss, it is imperative that you pay close attention to the toss outcome. If necessary, you can add any player or remove anyone from the playing eleven lists as soon as the clubs disclose their final starting lineup.

9. Go With Multiple Groups

Even the finest batsman or bowler can occasionally underperform, which can lead to a team setback. By entering more than one team in the competition, you can handle these circumstances in a better way and the likelihood of winning increases if you present multiple teams. Lineup generators for fantasy sports can provide you with data on numerous teams. With some clicks, these tools provide natural prediction recommendations and transform them into personalized lineups for any game style.

10. Make Smart Use Of The Money


In the beginning, play in tiny leagues or unions with low entry costs. After you win more money with that little investment, you can utilize it to join high-end leagues. Make sure not to make a larger initial investment and avoid investing your entire funds in a single game. Instead, split your investments. Play the games you have studied and are reasonably knowledgeable about to prevent any damages.

Bottom Line

Every day millions of users play Fantasy cricket online games. In order to get consistent wins among the high competition, make sure to follow the above-listed tips and tricks.

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