Top 8 Wholesale Boxing Gloves Suppliers in the USA?

According to MarketWatch, the market value of boxing gloves is estimated to reach $64.32 by the end of 2024. Many new wholesalers are considering entering the market because of its potential for profitability. However, before starting a wholesale boxing gloves business, you need to know about the best suppliers in the market. For more information visit here.

Here, we shall tell you about the top eight wholesale boxing gloves suppliers you can find in the US. Furthermore we have some tips and tricks to buy the best stock of boxing gloves. At First, let’s check the list below to know about these supplies:

1. L.H. Dottie Co.

L.H Dottie Co. was established in Los Angeles, CA, in 1972. They are the manufacturer of high dexterity, including boxing gloves. You can find high-quality boxing gloves in all kinds and sizes from L.H. Dottie Co.

They also provide wholesale boxing gloves with silicone palm print to better grip smooth surfaces like corrugated boxes, plastic, and glass. The best thing about this supplier is that they provide a 90 days warranty on all their products.


2. Ring to Cage Fight Gear

Ring to Cage Fight Gear is established in East Rutherford, NJ. They are considered among the best manufacturers and suppliers of boxing gloves in the US. That is because of their wide range of premium quality products.

The most-selling wholesale products by this manufacturer include apparels, shorts, pants, wrestling singlets, boxing gloves, kicking and punch shields, mitts, hand wraps, knee, elbow and training pads, punching bags and dummies, headgears, rash, thigh, ear, and mouth guards, body and groin protectors, sprays, body wipes, aftershaves, and lip balms, deodorizers, gels, soap bits arm and headbands, keychains, sprays, scissors, and timers.

3. Thomas Built

Thomas Built is considered among the best wholesale boxing gloves suppliers in the market. This company is located in Apex, NC. They are specialized in manufacturing and supplying wholesale fitness and sports training equipment.

The most famous products by Thomas Built include basketball backboards, punching bag stations, weightlifters’ benches, indoor cycling bikes, recumbent bicycles, punching bags, boxing gloves, and hand wraps. They also offer custom fitness systems, protein powder, and nutritional supplements.


4. Twister Fight Wear LLC

Twister Fight Wear LLC is famous for providing all kinds of sports gear. They are located in Columbus, NJ. This supplier is dedicated to providing high-quality wholesale products at reasonable prices to its customers. Besides boxing gloves, Twister Fight Wear LLC also offers mouth guards, sports apparel, uniform, and gym bags.

5. Logoit

Logoit was established in Chicago, IL, in 2001. They are one of the most famous suppliers of wholesale gloves in the US. They offer a variety of wholesale gloves in all types and sizes.

You can purchase all kinds of gloves from this supplier, including boxing gloves, soft gloves, clakker gloves, leather gloves, mechanics gloves, work gloves, seamless back gloves, classic gloves, and batting gloves.


6. Ringside Inc.

Ringside Inc. is located in Lenexa, KS. They are specialized in manufacturing and supplying high-quality boxing equipment. If you plan to purchase other boxing-related products, then this is a one-stop shop for you to buy all kinds of boxing gear.

The most famous products offered by Ringside Inc. includes headgears, mouth guards, hand wraps, tapes, gauzes, groin protectors, shin guards, punch mitts, punch shields, Thai pads, punching bags, gym bags, apparel, rings, cages, scales, timers, flooring, awards, and gifts/novelties.

7. Platt Cases

Platt Cases is established in Chicago, Illinois. This $25 million company was built in 1921 to provide the highest quality sports equipment to the customers. They provide boxing gloves made from Clarino, which is synthetic leather.

Besides boxing gloves, Platt Cases also offers washable gloves, neoprene knuckle and wrist cuffs, spandex, lycra, sweat removing terry cloth, non-slip grip, and closing wrist straps.


8. Title Boxing LLC

Last but not least, Title Boxing LLC is one of the most reliable manufacturers and suppliers of wholesale boxing gloves. They are most famous for providing safety and protection products for boxing and sports applications.
This supplier offers a wide range of wholesale products, including boxing gloves, bags, head guards, pants, shorts, gloves, protectors, belts, bells, gauges, tapes, hangers, stands, dummies, fitness, health, and gym equipment.

Tips to Select the Best Boxing Gloves for Business Stock


Adding boxing gloves to stock is not an easy task, specialty for a newbie. Here are some tips that help to buy the best gloves that fit customers’ demands.

  • Types

The first thing that should be kept in mind while buying boxing gloves is the type of boxing gloves. Boxing gloves are used for several purposes such as fighting, bag fighting, training, fitness etc. Special gloves are made for specific purposes. so, ask your vendor about the specific type of gloves that you want to add in your stock.

  • Material

In boxing gloves vinyl and leather are commonly used. Wholesalers need both of these in the stock . Because vinyl gloves are best for beginners or childrens. commonly they have easy closure to put on and off.
On the other hand, leather gloves are mostly the preference of experts. Leather gloves are more durable and last for several years. but they are a little bit expensive.

  • Weight and Size

After type and material the next thing that is also crucial in selecting the gloves. In Effect the size and weight of gloves depend on the padding in the gloves. The thicker padding provides more protection to hands but due to heaviness slows down the punch speed.

In markt, boxing gloves are available with sizes of 08oz to 20oz different weight, 10oz gloves are best for heavy bag work. While the higher weights such 14,16,18 etc. are best for sparring. a wholesaler should have a complete range of sizes to fulfill the customers needs.

Bottom Line

If you want to start a wholesale business for boxing gloves, then you should know about the most reliable suppliers before starting the business. If your supplier is not trustworthy, you may face huge risks and losses in your business.

We hope that the list mentioned above will help you find a perfect wholesale boxing gloves supplier. Now you can buy quality stock with the help of mentioned tips and suppliers options.

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