Top 10 Best Female Boxers In The World 2022

Boxing is an enthralling sport and also an absolute jaw-dropping one. We all know boxing greats such as Mohammad Ali, Mike Tyson and Mayweather but we forget that there is another gender who represents the same sports and we don’t talk about it. Yes, the female boxers who showed their talent inside the ring and proved to everyone they are no lesser.

The Olympics are edging closer and Boxing is one sport that always remains in limelight. Most of the biggest pro boxers begin theirs through the Olympics. Here are the world’s top 10 best female boxers heading for the greatest platform of sports.

10. Mariana Juarez

Mariana JuarezDetails
Titles WBC female flyweight (2011-12)
WBC female bantamweight (2017- October 2022)
68 Fights54 Win10 Loss
By Knockout 183
By Decision367

Mariana Juarez hails from Mexico, she recently fights in the Bantamweight division. Although her first title was in WBC female flyweight from 2011-12. The 40-year old won the WBC female bantamweight in 2017 but lost to Yulihan Luna in her latest bout in October. She is one of the best female boxers in the world.

9. Yesica Bopp

Yesica BoppDetails
DivisionJunior flyweight
Titles WBA female light-flyweight title (2008- Present)
WBO female light-flyweight title (2009 -13)
WBO female flyweight title (2014 – vacant)
37 Fights36 Win1 Loss
By Knockout 163
By Decision201

Yesica Bopp comes from Argentina and fights in the light flyweight division. She is the Current WBA female light-flyweight champion and Bopp has retained that title since 2008. She has previously won WBO female light-flyweight title and has lost just 1 match in her professional career.

8. Daniela Bermudez

Daniela BermudezDetails
Titles WBO female Bantamweight title (2017- Present)
IBF female junior featherweight title (2020 – Present)
WBO female super flyweight title (2014 – 2017)
35 Fights29 Win1 Loss
By Knockout 100
By Decision293
3 Draw

Daniela Bermudez hails from Argentina and fights in the Bantamweight division. She is a 3-time World Champion and at present, she holds 2 championships which are WBO female Bantamweight title and IBF female junior featherweight title. The 31-year old previously held WBO female super flyweight title.

7. Christina Hammer

Christina HammerDetails
Titles WBO female middleweight title (2010- 2019)
WBC female middleweight title (2016 – 2018)
WBO female super-middleweight title (2013)
27 Fights25 Win1 Loss
By Knockout 100
By Decision293
No Contest (1)

Christina Hammer was born in Germany and fights in Middleweight Division. She might not be a present champion but she has previously held WBO and WBC female middleweight title and also the WBO female super-middleweight title. The 29-year-old became the youngest boxer in history to win a WBO title. She is considered as one of the best female boxers in modern times.

6. Delfine Persoon

Delfine PersoonDetails
Titles IBF female lightweight title (2012)
WBC female lightweight title (2014 – 2019)
47 Fights44 Win3 Loss
By Knockout 181
By Decision232

Delfine Persoon hails from Belgium and fights in Lightweight Division. She has held the IBF female lightweight title, and WBC female lightweight title from 2014 till 2019. She has been ranked as the 6th best female boxer in 2022.

5. Cecilia Braekhus

Cecilia BraekhusDetails
Titles WBC, WBO, WBA, and IBF female welterweight champion (2014 -August 2022)
37 Fights36 Win1 Loss
By Knockout 90
By Decision271

Cecilia Braekhus comes from Norway and fights in the Welterweight division. She became the first woman boxer in any weight class to hold all 4 WBA, WBC, WBO, IBF titles simultaneously. She won the undisputed title in 2014 and lost all the titles in her latest fight in August against Jessica McCaskill, also resulting in the only defeat of her career.

4. Jessica Mccaskill

Jessica MccaskillDetails
CountryUnited States
Titles WBC, WBO, WBA, and IBF female welterweight champion (August 2022- Present)
WBC female super lightweight title (2018- Present)
WBA female super lightweight title (2019-Present)
11 Fights9 Win2 Loss
By Knockout 30
By Decision62

Jessica McCaskill was born in the United States and fights in the lightweight and welterweight division. She defeated Cecilia Braekhus in her latest bout in August to become the undisputed champion. She had played just 11 bouts but also hold the WBC and WBA female super lightweight title. The highly skilled McCaskill roaring to become the best female boxer.

3. Amanda Serrano

Amanda SerranoDetails
CountryPuerto Rico
Titles WBC interim featherweight title (2019- present)
WBO interim featherweight title (2019- present)
41 Fights39 Win1 Loss
By Knockout 290
By Decision101
Draw (1)

Amanda Serrano hails from Puerto Rico and fights in the featherweight division. She presently holds the WBC and WBO interim featherweight title since 2019. She was awarded the female boxer of the year in 2016 and 2018. She is the first Puerto Rican and female to win world titles in more than four weight classes.

2. Katie Taylor

Katie TaylorDetails
Titles WBC, WBO, WBA, and IBF female lightweight champion (2017- Present)
WBO junior-welterweight title (2013)
17 Fights17 Win0 Loss
By Knockout 60
By Decision110

The second best female boxer, Katie Taylor comes from Ireland and she fights in the Lightweight division. She is currently the undisputed lightweight champion, which means she holds WBC, WBO, WBA, and IBF female lightweight simultaneously. She previously held the WBO junior welterweight title in 2013.

1. Claressa Shields

Claressa Shields is  best female boxers in the world
Claressa ShieldsDetails
Division Middleweight
CountryUnited States Of America
Titles WBC, WBO, WBA, and IBF female middleweight champion (2019- Present)
WBC and WBO female light middleweight titles (2020- Present)
WBC and IBF female super middleweight titles (2017- Present )
10 Fights10 Win0 Loss
By Knockout 20
By Decision80

Claressa Shields was born in the United States Of America and she fights in the Middleweight division. She is voted as the best female boxer in 2022. The 25-year old is the undisputed female middleweight champion since 2019. Shields also hold the unified WBC and WBO female light middleweight title and the WBC and IBF female super middleweight titles.

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