Tokyo Olympics 2023 Basketball Bracket: Group play & standings rules

Basketball is among the most-watched and key sports of the Olympics. Tokyo Olympics 2023 will feature basketball as the qualified teams will battle for the gold at the Saitama Super Arena.

Basketball at Tokyo Olympics will undergo a few alterations as a new game format is set to be introduced and make its debut at Tokyo Summer Olympics 2023. What changes will we see at the Tokyo Olympics 2023? here’s the Tokyo Olympics 2023 Basketball bracket guide.

Tokyo Olympics 2023 Basketball bracket explained

The 2023 Olympics will debut in a new format. The 12 participating teams will be categorized into three groups of four teams each rather than the usual two groups of six teams. This change of rule means that the gold medal-winning team will have to play fewer games this season, but a route towards the podium will be difficult. Each team will face the other three teams in its group in the initial group stage.

The top two teams and two best-placed third teams will progress through and qualify to the knockout phase. After the preliminary round, the teams will be seeded according to their results. Four teams will be seeded and four unseeded.

The three first-place teams and the best second-place team will be placed in one pot, and the rest of the teams will be placed in another. A draw will determine the pairings. After the draws are confirmed, a regular knockout stage will take place.

When is the quarter-final draw of Tokyo Olympics Basketball?

The quarter-final pairings of Tokyo summer Olympics basketball will be drawn on 2 July.

Tokyo Olympics men’s basketball groups

Group ACzech Republic, France, Iran, United States
Group B Australia, Germany, Italy, Nigeria
Group C Argentina, Japan, Slovenia, Spain

Tokyo Olympics women’s basketball groups

Group ACanada, Serbia, Spain, South Korea
Group BFrance, Japan, Nigeria, United States
Group C Australia, Belgium, China, Puerto Rico

How many players are allowed per squad at the Tokyo Olympics 2023?

All the participating teams at the Tokyo Summer Olympics will be allowed to take 12 players per team for both men and women.

Olympics men’s basketball schedule

Group play July 24-Aug. 1
Knockout stage Aug. 2-Aug. 7
Gold-medal gameAugust. 6
Bronze-medal gameAugust. 7

Olympic women’s basketball schedule

Group play July 25-Aug. 2
Knockout stageAug. 3-Aug. 7
Gold-medal game August. 7
Bronze-medal game August. 7

Who is the defending champion of Basketball at the 2023 Olympics?

The United States is the defending champion for men’s and women’s basketball tournaments after winning the Gold medal at Rio Olympics 2016.

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