Tallest NBA Players of All Time

For a basketball player, height was always an asset. The most famous and successful professional basketball league in the world, NBA, is one of the top basketball leagues.

The top 10 tallest NBA players of all time are listed below. Some of them have reached international success, and others are unknown to us. Some have been effective for a long time, while some have barely played.

In an era dominated by the LeBrons, Kobe Bryants, and Kevin Durants (not very large), look at the careers, play styles, and other influences that made some of these game players great players, while the others were just extras.

Fortunately, over time the NBA has witnessed many tall players. Let’s take a peek at the top ten tallest players in the NBA.

Gheorghe Muresan (7 ft 7 in)

The tallest NBA player ever, with a height of 7 feet 7 inches, is Gheorghe Muresan. But some sources within it also indicate that the height is only 7 feet 8 inches.

Gheorghe Muresan, also called Ghita and Big Ghita or even George at 7’7, ranked highest on the list of the tallest NBA players, but even some reports report a total of 7’8 in height. This Romanian man is also Romania’s tallest living male. He is now one of the tallest athletic stars ever.
In his rookie season, Muresan played with Bol. In comparison to Bol, Muresan was a weak defender and a block per game barely managed. But in an offensive way, he was even more skilled and awarded him the 1995-96 Most Improved Player award. He appeared in the league for just six seasons and finished his career with the New Jersey Nets.

Manute Bol (7 ft 7 in)

Manute Bol, born in Sudan is the tallest player in the history of Basketball alongside Gheorghe Muresan, standing at a height of 7 feet 7 inches. In 1985 he joined the Washington Wizard league, although he was first drafted in 1983 two years before. In 1983 he was a photographer.

Bol shook the rally, became the champion for blocks, and averaged five blocks in the game in his rookie season. He also earned an all-defence team berth in this endeavour. Bol again served as Block Champion in 1988-89 and was recognized for its defence from the edges of his career.

Yao Ming (7 ft 6 in)

Yao Ming

Yao Ming is 4th on the ranking at 7 ft 6′′. During his NBA career, the Chinese star played only for one club, Houston Rockets. From 2002 to 2011, he spent nine years with the team.

He scored 9196 points in the 481 matches he played. Ming is the most name in at least one All-Star game ever. He is also the tallest man ever in the Hall of Fame. His incredible ability and his height made him an excellent athlete and earned him the honors of his name.

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Shawn Bradley (7 ft 6 in)

Shawn Bradley

Shawn Bradley was born in the year 1972. For 12 seasons 1993-2005, he played in the NBA. It was the Philadelphia 76ers’ 2nd overall pick. He was one of the best performers in the history of Utah high school.

Shawn Bradley is the third player on the lists from the German-American player. He is one of the highest of the lot and has a height of 7 ft. 6. In 1993 Bradley began his professional career as a Philadelphia 76er. Seven years he continued to play for the Dallas Mavericks until he retired.
Bradley has 832, scored 6753 points in his name. Bradley was born in America, but he has both nationalities in Germany.

Pavel Podkolzin (7 ft 5 in)

When Pavel Podkolzin comes in at 6 in the ranking, he is yet another player 7 ft 5 in height. His career has seen him play Dallas Mavericks for two years. In his two-year career, the Russian played just six games. And his overall point record was just four points at the time. Podkolzin appeared for the last time in the Russian Super League, Yugra Surgut University.

Chuck Nevitt (7 ft 5 in)

Chuck Nevitt, who ranked at 7 ft 5 in, is at 5th place in this ranking. The American was drawn up by the Houston Rockets in 1982 in the third round and was in the league until 1993. Nevitt was a traveller who played with many clubs, as well as several leagues with ABA and CBA stints. With the San Antonio Spurs, he completed his career.

Nevitt played 155 games and only achieved a total of 251 points in his 11 years of playing. Nevitt was one of the 1985 winning rosters of Lakers, making him the top NBA championship player ever.

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Tacko Fall (7 ft 5 in)

Currently, the tallest NBA player is Boston Celtics’ Tacko Fall with height of 7ft 5inch. He was signed by Celtics after his debut in 2019. Since he was first unsigned, the Celtics caught him up.

A Senegalese player with his highlights, where he intimidated his rivals, became famous in college. This influence has also transferred into the NBA and led him to receive a large number of votes in the All-Star fans poll.

Sim Bhullar (7 ft 5 in)

Sim Bhullar

Sim Bhullar is the 8th-player in the ranking in Canada with a height of 7 ft 5 in. In 2015, Sacramento Kings played the Canadian. Bhullar only played 3 Kings’ matches, with only 2 points in each of them.

As he made his debut for the kings, Bhullar played for a total of 16 seconds. He was the first Indian downhill competitor in the NBA.

Mark Eaton (7 ft 4 in)

Mark Eaton

Mark Eaton joined the Utah Jazz in 1982 as the tallest NBA player with a height of 7ft 4inch. In 1993 he played in the same squad for 11 years.

The US player participated in 875 games. Having a record of 5216 points during his career, the number of games benefited him. In a single season, and in a single season, Eaton set the record for the greatest number of blocked shots per play. Today, the record was recorded between 1984 and 1985.

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Slavko Vranes (7 ft 4 in)

Slavko Vranes

Slavko Vranes is ranked in the tallest NBA players list with a peak of 7 ft 4 inch at no. 10th position. In 2004, the player participated in the Portland Trail Blazers but didn’t last long.

Vranes’ just one match has no points at all in his name. He was on the court for 3 minutes in just one game against Minnesota Timberwolves. He took an open shot at the time, which he missed sadly. There are reports that since the last draught took its steps, Vranes has grown higher.

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