NBA Player Salaries 2023/22 Revealed

The Basketball players earn an average salary of a whopping $4.9 million per year. that’s double what NFL pays to their players. The average salary of an NBA player increases to $7.7 million for the 2023/22 season compared to previous season which was $6.4 million.

As the season progress, the NBA player salaries increases and thus, the league feature some of the highest-paid Basketball players in the world.

Well to break the ice, which might not come as a surprise to many is that the Golden State Warriors player Stephen Curry is the highest-paid NBA player right now. The 32-year-old will earn a massive amount of $43,006,362 in the current season.

Curry who plays for the Golden state warriors will see a massive increment in his salary from his $40,231,758 in the 2019-2020 season. But do you know who joins the player in the elite list of highest-paid NBA players?

NBA Player Salaries 2023

PlayerSalaryTeamSigned Using
Stephen Curry$43,006,362Golden State WarriorsBird Rights
Russell Westbrook$41,358,814Oklahoma City ThunderBird Rights
Chris Paul$41,358,814Houston RocketsBird Rights
James Harden$41,254,920Houston RocketsBird Rights
John Wall$41,254,920Washington WizardsBird Rights
LeBron James$39,219,566Los Angeles LakersCap Space
Kevin Durant$39,058,950Brooklyn NetsSign and Trade
Blake Griffin$36,810,996Detroit PistonsBird Rights
Paul George$35,450,412Los Angeles ClippersMaximum Salary
Klay Thompson$35,361,360Golden State WarriorsBird Rights
Mike Conley$34,502,130Utah JazzCap Space
Kemba Walker$34,379,100Boston CelticsSign and Trade
Kawhi Leonard$34,379,100Los Angeles ClippersCap Space
Jimmy Butler$34,379,100Miami HeatSign and Trade
Tobias Harris$34,358,850Philadelphia 76ersBird Rights
Gordon Hayward$34,187,085Boston CelticsCap Space
Kyrie Irving$33,329,100Brooklyn NetsCap space
Khris Middleton$33,051,724Milwaukee BucksBird Rights
Damian Lillard$31,626,953Portland Trail Blazers1st Round Pick
Kevin Love $31,258,256Cleveland CavaliersBird Rights

Highest-Paid NBA Players From Each Team

1. Boston Celtics

Kemba Walker$34,379,100
Gordon Hayward$34,187,085
Jaylen Brown$22,991,071
Marcus Smart$13,446,428
Jayson Tatum$9,897,120

2. Brooklyn Nets

Kevin Durant$37,199,000
Kyrie Irving$31,742,000
Spencer Dinwiddie$10,600,000
DeAndre Jordan$9,881,598
Joe Harris$7,670,000

3. New York Knicks

Julius Randle$18,900,000
Bobby Portis$15,750,000
Taj Gibson$10,290,000
RJ Barrett$8,231,760
Elfrid Payton$8,000,000

4. Philadelphia 76ers

Tobias Harris$33,517,241
Joel Embiid$29,542,010
Ben Simmons$29,250,000
Al Horford$27,500,000
Josh Richardson$10,800,000

5. Toronto Raptors

Kyle Lowry$30,000,000
Pascal Siakam$29,000,000
Marc Gasol$25,595,700
Serge Ibaka$23,271,60
Norman Powell$10,116,576

6. Chicago Bulls

Otto Porter$28,489,239
Zach LaVine$19,500,000
Thaddeus Young$13,545,00
Tomáš Satoranský$10,000,000
Cristiano Felício$7,529,020

7. Cleveland Cavaliers

Kevin Love$31,300,000
Andre Drummond$28,751,775
Larry Nance$11,709,091
Dante Exum$9,600,000
Darius Garland$6,720,720

8. Detroit Pistons

Blake Griffin$36,595,996
Brandon Knight$15,643,750
Tony Snell$12,178,571
John Henson$9,732,396
Langston Galloway$7,333,333

9. Indiana Pacers

Victor Oladipo$21,000,000
Malcolm Brogdon$20,700,000
Myles Turner$18,000,000
T.J. Warren$11,750,000
Jeremy Lamb$10,500,000

10. Milwaukee Bucks

Khris Middleton$33,051,724
Giannis Antetokounmpo$27,528,090
Eric Bledsoe$16,875,000
Brook Lopez$12,697,675
George Hill$9,590,602

11. Atlanta Hawks

Jeff Teague$19,000,000
Clint Capela$17,500,000
Dewayne Dedmon$13,333,333
De’Andre Hunter$7,422,000
Trae Young$6,571,800

12. Charlotte Hornets

Nicolas Batum$27,130,434
Terry Rozier$18,900,000
Bismack Biyombo$15,415,730
Cody Zeller$5,345,687
Malik Monk$4,023,600

13. Miami Heat

Jimmy Butler$34,379,100
Goran Dragić$19,217,900
Andre Iguodalaa$17,185,185
Solomon Hill$13,258,781
Kelly Olynyk$12,198,243

14. Orlando Magic

Nikola Vučević$26,000,000
Aaron Gordon$18,136,364
Evan Fournier$17,000,000
Terrence Ross$13,500,000
Markelle Fultz$12,288,697

15. Washington Wizards

John Wall$40,824,000
Bradley Beal$28,751,775
Ian Mahinmi$15,450,051
Thomas Bryant$8,333,333
Dāvis Bertāns$7,000,000

16. Dallas Mavericks

Kristaps Porziņģis$29,467,800
Tim Hardaway$18,975,000
Courtney Lee$12,759,670
Dwight Powell$10,185,185
Delon Wright$9,000,000

17. Houston Rockets

Russell Westbrook$41,006,000
James Harden$40,824,000
Eric Gordon$16,869,276
Robert Covington$12,138,345
P.J. Tucker$7,969,537

18. Memphis Grizzlies

Gorgui Dieng$17,287,640
Jonas Valančiūnas$15,000,000
Justise Winslow$13,000,000
Kyle Anderson$9,505,100
Ja Morant$9,166,800

19. New Orleans Pelicans

Jrue Holiday$26,131,111
Derrick Favors$17,650,000
J.J. Redick$13,013,700
Lonzo Ball$11,003,782
Zion Williamson$10,245,480

20. San Antonio Spurs

DeMar DeRozan$27,739,975
LaMarcus Aldridge$24,000,000
Rudy Gay$14,000,000
Patty Mills$13,285,714
Marco Belinelli$5,846,154

21. Denver Nuggets

Paul Millsap$30,500,000
Nikola Jokić$28,542,009
Gary Harris$19,160,714
Mason Plumlee$14,041,096
Will Barton$13,920,000

22. Minnesota Timberwolves

Karl-Anthony Towns$29,430,000
D’Angelo Russell$28,649,250
Evan Turner$18,606,557
James Johnson$16,047,100
Jarrett Culver$6,104,280

23. Portland Trail Blazers

Damian Lillard$31,626,953
CJ McCollum$29,354,152
Hassan Whiteside$27,093,018
Trevor Ariza$12,800,000
Jusuf Nurkić$12,000,000

24. Oklahoma City Thunder

Chris Paul$41,358,814
Steven Adams$27,528,090
Danilo Gallinari$22,615,559
Dennis Schrder$15,500,000
Andre Roberson$10,740,741

25. Utah Jazz

Mike Conley$34,504,132
Rudy Gobert$26,525,281
Bojan Bogdanović$17,850,000
Jordan Clarkson$13,437,500
Joe Ingles$10,863,637

26. Golden State Warriors

Stephen Curry$43,006,362
Klay Thompson$35,361,360
Andrew Wiggins$29,542,010
Draymond Green$22,246,956
Kevon Looney$4,821,429

27. Los Angeles Clippers

Paul George$35,450,412
Kawhi Leonard$34,379,100
Marcus Morris$15,000,000
Patrick Beverley$13,333,333
Lou Williams$8,000,000

28. Los Angeles Lakers

LeBron James$39,219,565
Anthony Davis$28,751,775
Danny Green$15,365,854
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope$8,493,746
Avery Bradley$5,005,350

29.Phoenix Suns

Devin B ooker$29,430,000
Ricky Rubio$17,000,000
Kelly Oubre$14,375,000
Deandre Ayton$10,018,200
Aron Baynes$5,453,280

30. Sacramento Kings 

Harrison Barnes$22,215,909
Kent Bazemore$19,269,662
Cory Joseph$12,600,000
Marvin Bagley$8,963,640
Bogdan Bogdanović$8,529,386

Disclaimer: All the facts and figures about NBA Player Salaries are based on the analysis, research and reports released by trusted sources. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the figures.

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