LeBron James Tattoos: The Real Meanings Behind Them, Design & Artist

Lakers’ star LeBron James is one of the best basketball players in the NBA. James is one of the finest to accomplish it, both on and off the courtyard, compared to those of Michael Jordan and the late grand Kobe Bryant. The 36-years old is also one of those persons whose style impacts numerous young people. Of course, LeBron James is one of the famous persons who sticks out because of his body tattoos.

The accurate number of tattoos on LeBron James’ body is difficult to guess as the athlete appears to have tattoos all over his body, not only those visible or exposed but also those covered. He’s reportedly got 42 tattoos.

James has many distinct tattoos from his head to the toes are described by ‘The King.’ More about them, here, we discover out.

James’ most recent tattoo was made as a tribute to the late Kobe Bryant who died in a horrific helicopter crash in January, a black mamba snake curled around the 24-8 digits.

‘Tribute to Kobe Bryant’ Tattoo

‘Tribute to Kobe Bryant’ Tattoo

After the death of his friend and legendary star Kobe Bryant in the helicopter accident with his daughter in January 2024, LeBron James made a tattoo on his thigh which has a snake that indicates the nickname of Bryant, a rose (love), and the numbers of Kobe Bryant’s jersey. ‘Tribute to Kobe Bryant’ tattoo was made by the artist Vanessa Aurelia.

James tattooed a ‘CHOSEN1’ on his back in 2002, after it was published on the cover by Sports Illustrated, called the ‘Choose One.’ It is one of the first tattoos he had as well.

Crowned Lion and King James tattoo

James’ first arm tattoo was a lion with a crown. LeBron was subsequently to have ‘King’ and ‘James’ written above the lion.


LeBron James Tattoo Chosen 1

Witness And History

James has ‘Vertically tattooed Witness’ on his calf, a tribute to his 2006 Nike campaign.
James has written ‘HISTORY’ vertically on his other calf as a complement to his ‘WITNESS’ tattoo.

What we do in Life Echoes in Eternity

What we do in Life Echoes in Eternity

On his arms, James has the sentence tattooed— half left and half right.

Gifted Child

James wrote on his chest ‘Giften Child’ in little letters.

‘No one can see through what I am except for the one that made me

This sentence is inscribed in his right forearm.

Gloria Tattoo

James’s mother Gloria, is tattooed high on his right arm, as a memorial to his mother.

Prince James

James has a picture of his son, Bronny, as a child on his left forearm.

L and J

James has his initials ‘L’ and ‘J’ in big cursive letters on the back of his left and right forearms.

Beast and Hold My Own

Beast and Hold My Own

Lebron James on his left arm has two more tattoos: the ‘The Beast’ inscription, and the words: ‘Hold my Own,’ a belief that appears to be in this collection as well. Allen Iverson, another former MVP, is a tattoo artist and this implies that his notion of “self-made man’s” is quite widespread in the NBA.

KJ1 Tattoo

The Lakers star has inked ‘KJ1’ on its right hand to represent King James 1.

Bryce Maximus

Like a Bronny Tattoo, James has a name for his second kid Bryce ‘Bryce Maximus.’


The black flames are a section of James’ right forearm.

Family Tattoo

James has written down his left abdomen in single calligraphy, the word ‘family.’

Loyalty Word

James has 'Loyalty' tattooed in the same type on the other side of his belly.

James has ‘Loyalty’ tattooed in the same type on the other side of his belly.

Akron and Est 1984

In 2013 LeBron James chose to remember all about his birthplace and the year he was born after winning his second NBA Championship. These tattoos are located on his clavicals. His right shoulder is labelled ‘Akron,’ while his left shoulder is called ‘Est. 1984.’

Flames Tattoo

The black flames are a section of James’ right forearm.

Lion Tattoo

James has a big winged lion on his chest, the second lion on this list.

Birds Tattoo

Two floating birds surrounding the right bicep are on the NBA superstar.

Indeed, over the course of over 18 years, that’s a lot of tattoos. LeBron has become an autobiography that describes his life narrative; from the day he went to high school to his highest level in athletics and as a dad, and afterwards the triste disappearance of his wonderful buddy.

Who is LeBron James Tattoos Artist?

Well, most of the LeBron James’ tattoos are made by tattoo artist from Los Angeles, who goes with the ‘@gangattoo‘ Instagram account.

Naturally now, in his lifetime he wouldn’t have made all James tattoos. LeBron has been tattooing for about two decades already. However, he is the newest artist that LeBron has seen regularly for his latest tattoos in these last few years.

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